Zoom 500,000 users Secret data in the hands of hackers

A frightening fact has come to light as the cyber security of users of the video conferencing platform Zoom, which is becoming increasingly popular during the ongoing lockdown due to the corona virus, is being questioned.

More than half a million Zoom users’ passwords and various other data related to their accounts have been hacked by hackers and such details have been put up for auction on the Dark Web.


The US cyber security company ‘Cyber’ discovered the fact that the details of such zoom users were put up for sale in the hacker forum on April 1. According to technology news site Blipping Computer, details of 530,000 Zoom users were put up for sale at डलर 0.002 per user. Not only that, some account details have been made public for free. Such details include personal meeting URLs, email addresses and passwords.

Hackers have reportedly misused user details leaked from various other platforms to hack Zoom users’ usernames and passwords.

Most zoom users who have the same username and password on more than one platform are targeted by hackers.

It is said that the details of the Zoom users put up for sale can be misused for other negative activities including zoom bombing after being purchased by an unauthorized person.

Zoom bombing is an activity where an unauthorized person forcibly enters a virtual meeting while video conferencing is going on through the Zoom app and constantly displays objectionable content, including pornographic material, to people in the video call.

The company said that it was easy to confirm the details of the hacked users’ accounts because some of the hacked zoom accounts belonged to cyber customers.

Cyber ​​security experts advise not to use the same username and password on multiple social media platforms to avoid such a cyber attack called Credential Stuffing Attack.

In this case, if an online account is hacked, the hacker can also hack another person’s social media account using the same password and username.

Cyber ​​has asked all Zoom users to change their username and password immediately.

The popular chat app Zoom is a very useful platform for group video sharing among many people. Where up to 40 minutes of video chat can be done at a time.