Boost your computers and laptops Using SSD

The laptop or computer you bought a few years ago today must have had a hard disk. A hard disk is a device that has been used for digital storage for a long time. They are available in many sizes and are relatively inexpensive to buy. But in the world of computers and laptops, the leap in the speed of the processor and the size of the RAM has pushed the hard disk behind. Even a laptop or computer with a new processor will not be able to perform as well as expected if the hard disk is used.


 SSDs can be used to make older computers or laptops run faster. SSDs are 10 times faster than ordinary hard disks. Expensive SSDs are up to 30 times faster than hard disks. Remove the hard disk from the laptop or computer and replace it with an SSD. 

The benefits of using SSD : 

A computer with a hard disk takes up to three times less time to open than a computer with an SSD. For example, a computer that takes 30 seconds to open at 5400 rpm (i.e. a normal) hard disk starts to open in less than 10 seconds with SSD. 

2. Making it easy to run multiple programs at once. Using SSD makes it easy to run many apps and programs. Running one program while running and switching to another also speeds up the process. Scanning antivirus software on a laptop or computer with SSD is also very fast. 

3. Programs can take up to a minute to open Photoshop on a computer with a hard disk that opens quickly, but after placing the SSD on the same computer, the program opens in 10-15 seconds and is ready to run. In the same way, all programs open quickly on a computer or laptop with SSD and run well without hanging. 

4. Gaming Improvements Big games can take hours to install. But after using SSD, the same game is installed in a few minutes. Just like programs open quickly, games also start opening quickly using SSD and run well while playing.

 5. Secure SSDs are much more secure than hard disks. Hard disks mainly deteriorate as soon as they fall, but SSDs do not deteriorate much when they fall. Since SSDs do not have magnetic plates, they do not have a fear of losing or losing data due to electromagnetic shock, which occurs on hard disks. 

6. Silent and non-slip SSDs do not have moving parts. Therefore, it does not make any noise during use and does not emit heat like hard disks during use. 

The disadvantage of SSD? 

There are advantages to using SSD. SSD will always be stronger than hard disk during use. However, when buying SSD, you need to know these two things: 

1. SSDs are expensive

 SSDs are much more expensive than hard disks. For example 1 terabyte or 1000 GB hard disk can be purchased for every 6,000. But at that price, only 240 GB of SSD can be purchased – a size that is too small for some users. 

It is advisable to have both SSD and hard disk on the computer to match the size and performance – keep Windows and programs on SSD and games, videos, music and other files on a hard disk.

 2. SSD alone does not make a computer fast,

SSD makes a computer run fast, but it does not make a computer fast by installing SSD alone. If your computer has a very old processor – for example, processors like Pentium 4, Core 2 Duo, AMD Finum, etc. – then there is no point in inserting SSD. In this case, it is not the hard disk’s fault but the processor’s fault that the computer is slow.

 If you see 100% disk usage in Task Manager, then you should use SSD.

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